More royalists in yellow take to the streets

Royalists rallying in front of the Government Complex on Chaengwattana Road to demonstrate their support for the monarchy.

More royalist groups rallied in support of the monarchy in many provinces across the country on Wednesday.

In Bangkok, hundreds of people wearing yellow shirts assembled in front of the Government Complex on Chaengwattana Road. The rally was held in response to a call by Rienthong Nanna, director of Mongkutwattana Hospital, a self-declared royalist who has been voicing opposition to the demand by anti-government protesters for a sweeping reform of the monarchy.

The demonstrators, many carrying portraits of HM the King and the late King Bhumibol

Thai media freedom in spotlight after court reverses protest-related closure ruling

In a rare move, the Criminal Court admitted that its earlier order to close down all online platforms of Voice TV was “incorrect”.

The court on Wednesday overturned its ruling issued a day earlier, blaming a lack of clarity in the petition filed by the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society (DES).

In its petition filed on Monday, the DES had asked the court to order the closure of four online media outlets and an anti-government group’s Facebook page on grounds that they were violating the Computer Crime Act and the emergency decree.

The petition cited 12 website addresses (URLs) saying their content threatened national security and caused public fear.

On Tuesday, the court approved the ministry’s request for all of

Today’s “big surprise” from Thailand’s protesters is no surprise

Crowds gathered at many BTS stations around Bangkok today, just before 6pm. Then they sang the National Anthem, raised their 3-finger salute, and most went home right after the song finished.

At about 4pm today, the Protest coordinators, the United Front of Thammasat and Demonstration and the Free YOUTH movement, took to Facebook to urge supporters to gather at all BTS and MRT stations at 5.50pm, and wait for instructions on where to converge for its “big surprise”.

Meanwhile, a crowd show-up at the Pakkred intersection in Nonthaburi at 5pm. They were mostly students in uniform, from both secondary schools and universities.


Protesters disperse declaring that Thailand’s protests don’t need a leader

Anti-government protesters, who gathered at the Victory Monument and Asoke intersection in Bangkok and started dispersing after 8pm today, claim that Thailand has a new protest model, which does not need a leader or rally stage.

Protest organizers declared that every protester is a “core” protester and anyone can address the crowd by just standing on a chair and speaking through a bull horn.

Besides the two large rallies at Victory Monument and Asoke intersection, each of which drew tens of thousands of people chanting for Prime Minister Prayut to step down, it appears that similar gatherings have started to take place in many provinces across Thailand, to the refrain of “Prayut Out” resonating nationwide.

Protests at most venues were

Protesters gathering at Victory Monument and Asoke intersection on Sunday

Protesters are streaming to Bangkok’s Victory Monument and the Asoke intersection, on Sukhumvit Road, which have been chosen as Sunday’s two main protest venues by the Free Youth Movement, as it gave conflicting information on social media to confuse the police.

Police deployed detention vans and water trucks at Lat Phra intersection, in anticipation of the arrival of protesters, only to find that they had been duped as to the true locations of the protests today.

The protest organizers announced, at 4.17pm, that they would close the Asoke intersection with Sukhumvit Road to traffic, because there were already many protesters on site. They say that the protest at this location will end at 8pm.

Meanwhile, at the Victory Monument, police cl

Police forcibly break up rally at Pathumwan intersection

Police, backed by high pressure water jet trucks, move against protesters at Pathumwan intersection.

Anti-riot police, backed by high pressure water jet trucks, have dispersed a mass anti-government rally at Pathumwan intersection in the heart of Bangkok.

At least four police personnel and a protester reportedly suffered minor injuries in the operation which began at 6.30 pm and lasted more than hour.

Armed with shields and batons, the police charged the protesters who pushed back with barricades and projectiles. By 8.00 pm most of the protesters had dispersed but dozens remained defiant and continued to confront the crowd control police.

Ignoring repeated warnin

Four protest leaders remanded in custody as courts refuse to grant bail

Four protest leaders were today held on remand in prisons in Chiang Mai and Pathum Thani provinces, after courts rejected their bail applications, at the request of the police, citing their previous records of involvement in protests and claims that their release would allow them to incite public unrest.

Human rights lawyer Anont Nampa and Praset Khrutharote,who were flown to Chiang Mai to be questioned by the police there, were escorted to the provincial prison to be held for 12 days.

In Tanyaburi district of Pathum Thani province, Ms. Panasaya“Rung” Sitthijirawattanakul and Nutchanon Pairote are being held in prison after the Tanyaburi court rejected their bail applications.

Another protest leader, Pai Daodin, was remanded to Bangkok Spec

Thammasat U asked to suspend classes to let students join the protest

The Student Organization of Thammasat University has called on the university’s administration to suspend classes, from October 14th to 16th, to allow students to join the protest at Bangkok’s Democracy Monument, being organized by the so-called Khana Ratsadon.

In a statement, issued today (Monday), the student organization claimed that, since its founding, Thammasat University has always supported free expression by students, whether verbally or in writing, so long as such expressions do not impinge on the rights of other people.

The student organization also announced its solidarity with other students in their demand for democracy with the King as the head of state.

Meanwhile, Thailand’s Deputy Prime Minister Prawit

Thailand’s Finance Ministry to propose two economic stimulus packages

Tomorrow, Thailand’s Finance Ministry will propose, to the Centre for COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA), two stimulus packages aimed at reviving the declining economy during the last quarter of the year.

Finance Permanent Secretary Krisana Jinavijarana said today (Tuesday) that the Finance Ministry had agreed to roll out the “shim-shop-chai” (Taste-Shop-Spend) scheme, revamped in co-pay form, and the “shop-chuey-chart” (Shop to Help the Nation) scheme, with cash refunds or tax deductions for shoppers.

He said that the Shop to Help the Nation scheme will target shoppers and taxpayers with purchasing power and encourage them to spend.

The two stimulus packages, plus the reopening of the country to selected groups of foreign tourists

Senate speaker believes senators will not reject all 6 proposed charter amendments

Senate Speaker Pornpetch Vichitcholachai is confident that senators will not vote against all six constitutional amendments proposed by Government and Opposition parties.

He said today (Monday) that he believes all the senators are mature, independent and have their own ability to form a judgement, adding that they will listen to a briefing, from a panel tasked with studying the amendments, before voting on them.

He said that the panel’s study will not provide guidance on how the senators should vote, just clarifications on legal issues.

The Opposition parties boycotted the joint sitting of the Senate and House of Representatives last month, which voted for the establishment of an ad hoc panel to study proposed amendments before vo

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