Today’s “big surprise” from Thailand’s protesters is no surprise

Crowds gathered at many BTS stations around Bangkok today, just before 6pm. Then they sang the National Anthem, raised their 3-finger salute, and most went home right after the song finished.

At about 4pm today, the Protest coordinators, the United Front of Thammasat and Demonstration and the Free YOUTH movement, took to Facebook to urge supporters to gather at all BTS and MRT stations at 5.50pm, and wait for instructions on where to converge for its “big surprise”.

Meanwhile, a crowd show-up at the Pakkred intersection in Nonthaburi at 5pm. They were mostly students in uniform, from both secondary schools and universities.


Woman electrocuted as flood causes havoc in Thailand’s eastern provinces

An elderly woman has been electrocuted near her house, in the Aranyaprathet district of Thailand’s eastern province of Sa Kaew, as she was wading along a flooded lane without realizing that a high voltage power cable had broken and fallen into the water.

Widespread flooding is reported in the province, described as the worst in nine years, while neighboring Prachin Buri and Chachoengsao have also been hit, as a result of heavy rain over the past several days.

Dr. Rachet Choengpanom, Director of Aranyaprathet District Hospital, said that several water pumps have been installed around the facility, to remove water which is leaking from drains in the compound due to the water level on the flooded road outside. Sand bags are also being used to try to ho

Monday’s protests in Thailand disperse peacefully

Protesters have dispersed from their four main sites in Bangkok tonight. They had been repeating their calls for Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha’s immediate resignation, a new Constitution and sweeping reform of the Monarchy.

No untoward incidents were reported at the protest venues, which were at the Silpakorn University, the Ministry of Public Health, Kasetsart intersection and at the Bangkok Remand Prison.

More protests were held today on several campuses and elsewhere outside the capital, although there were fewer protesters in attendance than at the rallies in Bangkok.

As usual, the elusive protest coordinators will not announce the venues or the exact timing of tomorrow’s protests until the last minute, to avoid giving advance warning to the police.


Latest update on anti-government protests

As anti-government protesters resume their street rallies today, the Prayut government is considering calling for an extraordinary parliamentary session to discuss ways out of the current political crisis.

Following are some of the major developments of the day:

  • Anti-government protesters plan to rally at three locations – Silpakorn University, Publich Health Ministry and Bangkok Remand Prison on Ngarm Wongwan Road where some of the protest leaders are being held.
  • Prime Minister Prayut has agreed to a call for an extraordinary parliamentary session to debate the ongoing conflicts. House Speaker Chuan Leekpai has also received consent from government and opposition MPs to go ahead with the session.
  • Authorities are considering action against four on-line me

Protesters disperse declaring that Thailand’s protests don’t need a leader

Anti-government protesters, who gathered at the Victory Monument and Asoke intersection in Bangkok and started dispersing after 8pm today, claim that Thailand has a new protest model, which does not need a leader or rally stage.

Protest organizers declared that every protester is a “core” protester and anyone can address the crowd by just standing on a chair and speaking through a bull horn.

Besides the two large rallies at Victory Monument and Asoke intersection, each of which drew tens of thousands of people chanting for Prime Minister Prayut to step down, it appears that similar gatherings have started to take place in many provinces across Thailand, to the refrain of “Prayut Out” resonating nationwide.

Protests at most venues were

Protesters gathering at Victory Monument and Asoke intersection on Sunday

Protesters are streaming to Bangkok’s Victory Monument and the Asoke intersection, on Sukhumvit Road, which have been chosen as Sunday’s two main protest venues by the Free Youth Movement, as it gave conflicting information on social media to confuse the police.

Police deployed detention vans and water trucks at Lat Phra intersection, in anticipation of the arrival of protesters, only to find that they had been duped as to the true locations of the protests today.

The protest organizers announced, at 4.17pm, that they would close the Asoke intersection with Sukhumvit Road to traffic, because there were already many protesters on site. They say that the protest at this location will end at 8pm.

Meanwhile, at the Victory Monument, police cl

Key protest leader Mike Rayong held in police custody

A key protest leader, Panupong Jardnok, alias Mike Rayong, was arrested by plain clothes police near Ramkhamhaeng University at about 8.30pm tonight.

Panupong, one of four prominent anti-establishment movement leaders, had eluded the police dragnet when the three other leaders were arrested, but he showed up this afternoon at Ramkhamhaeng University to address the protesters.

He then led a large group out of the campus toward Soi Udom Suk, near Bang Na intersection, where there was another large gathering. The protest was, however, called off before Panupong’s group reached the site.

The under-cover police, who had been following Panupong, made the arrest near Ramkhamhaeng Soi 53, as his group was dispersing, and took him to an undisclosed location.


Protesters end rallies, to return tomorrow

The biggest of the rallies took place at Lardprao intersecction.

Protesters at a string of rallies in and around Bangkok have dispersed after reiterating their demand for Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha to resign and vowed to return for more protests on Sunday.

The biggest rally took place at Lardprao intersection on Vibhavadi Rangsit Road while small ones were held at Wongwian Yai in Thonburi and Bangna, near the Udomsuk BTS station.

There were also rallies on the campus of Ramkhamhaeng University and at Kaerai intersection in Nonthaburi.

The rallies were largely peaceful and most ended at around 8pm with no untoward incidents.  There was no presence of p

Anti-government protesters call for new rally today

A scene from Friday night’s police crackdown on the demonstrators at Pathumwan intersection

Anti-government protesters have called for another rally in Bangkok this evening only hours after police broke up a demonstration that paralyzed the commercial center at Pathumwan intersection last night.

In a statement this morning, the so-called “Khana Ratsadorn” condemned the violent crackdown on the demonstration that saw protesters sprayed with high-pressure

Police forcibly break up rally at Pathumwan intersection

Police, backed by high pressure water jet trucks, move against protesters at Pathumwan intersection.

Anti-riot police, backed by high pressure water jet trucks, have dispersed a mass anti-government rally at Pathumwan intersection in the heart of Bangkok.

At least four police personnel and a protester reportedly suffered minor injuries in the operation which began at 6.30 pm and lasted more than hour.

Armed with shields and batons, the police charged the protesters who pushed back with barricades and projectiles. By 8.00 pm most of the protesters had dispersed but dozens remained defiant and continued to confront the crowd control police.

Ignoring repeated warnin

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