Thai court rejects bail request again for Ratsadon leader Parit “Penguin” Chiwarak

parit i prison uniform on march 15, 2021. The Criminal Court rejected another bail application for anti-establishment Ratsadon leader Parit “Penguin” Chiwarak today (Monday), on the grounds that there is no reason to change the previous bail decisions, by both the Criminal and Appeals courts.
Mrs. Sureerat Chiwarak applied for bail for her son Parit, by posting a surety worth about 200,000 baht.
Earlier in the morning, the Ratsadon leader declared, before judges of the Criminal Court, that he does not recognize the judicial process and does not want to defend himself in court, because he had not been accorded justice, by the court rejecting his bail requests, making it impossible for him to find evidence for his defence.
He also asked his lawyer, Mr. Krisadang Nutcharas, to quit.
Parit is facing lèse majesté and other charges in connection with the Protest at the Democracy Monument on November 14th and 15th last year.
Besides rejecting bail, the court set the next hearing for the examination of prosecution witnesses for June 25th and the examination of defence witnesses on August 13th. Back to: Phuket Hotel Deals – Property – Blog Home – Asia News. Read more:
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