Since 2018, climate legal cases in Asia have risen by 185%

As for countries like China, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, no climate lawsuits have been recorded yet. Australia is by far the most active country in Asia Pacific for climate ligitation, with 116 cases, while Western economies like the United States (865 cases) and Europe (125 cases) are similarly active. But the rise in climate litigation elsewhere in Asia shows that there is “a growing perception that governments in the region aren’t taking sufficiently robust action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” said Tim Power, environmental lawyer of White & Case.“Many climate change advocates and activists [in Asia] are starting to pursue climate change litigation to put pressure on governments and businesses to change their behaviour by adopting more climate-friendly policies and practices,” Power told Eco-Business.Hover over chart below to see number of climate lawsuits in Asia in 2018, compared to 2020:The Philippines filed the world’s first national enquiry framing climate change as a human rights issue in 2015.Typhoon survivors in the natural disaster-prone country petitioned the Philippines’ National Commission on Human Rights to investigate 47 companies, including ExxonMobil, Shell and BP, for perpetuating human rights violations by contributing to climate change. After a four year investigation, the commission announced that the biggest global carbon polluters could be held liable for their role in climate-related ev…. Read more:
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