Businesses join hands to find ‘right recipe’ for zero-carbon industries

Despite the pandemic slamming the brakes on flying, UK-based engineering firm Rolls-Royce – whose main clients include the aviation industry – has not backed away from its work to slash planet-heating emissions, according to its technology director.
Dave Smith said crafting a corporate strategy, due this year, to reach its net-zero goals had become an even bigger part of what he does than before Covid-19 hit the global economy.
Rolls-Royce this month said it had conducted the first tests of 100 per cent sustainable aviation fuel in an engine for private business jets, as part of its ambition to play a leading role in enabling efforts to reach net-zero carbon by 2050.
It has pledged to make its own operations carbon-neutral by 2030.
Smith said that while the pandemic would saddle the aviation industry with debt and leave it in a weaker position to invest, the desire to decarbonise was growing, not diminishing.
“We might have a couple of difficult years where we have to go a little slower than we might have wanted to – but there is no changing the direction,” he said.
“We are absolutely going (to net zero). By 2050 we’ll get there,” he told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.
A new UN-backed initiative hopes to drive such transformation across 28 key sectors of the global economy, from cement to heavy goods vehicles, plastics, clothing, finance and technology.
In January, the “Race to Zero Breakthroughs” effort launched with a paper that sets out tipping points for e…. Read more:
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