Bangkok ranked 13th among healthiest cities worldwide

Bangkok, 8 February, 2021 – The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is pleased to announce that Bangkok has been named the 13th healthiest city in the world according to a recent ‘Healthy Lifestyles Cities Report’ study by UK health authorities. By researching 44 major cities around the world, data was measured in 10 different ways: sunlight, happiness, average working time, outdoor activities, drinking water prices, obesity levels, average life expectancy, air and water quality, and number of restaurants. These scores were ranked, and the highest scoring cities were consequently ordained as the world’s healthiest cities. In Bangkok, the city’s large number of daily sunshine hours and the abundance of 1,796 take-away food options available to residents were two factors that helped it rank thirteenth. With a happiness level of 5.99/10 and 377 available outdoor activities, Bangkokians have a life expectancy of 74.10 years on average with a low 10% obesity level. Two relatively high negative scores, a city pollution index of 76.64 and the comparatively high cost of 2,053 Baht for monthly gym membership, could have possibly kept Bangkok from ranking higher. The ‘Healthy Lifestyles Cities Report’ reflects a generation that prioritises health and wellness more than ever before and means that tourist destinations should consider the needs and cater for the healthy lifestyles of travellers. The high ranking is also because of a series of ini…. Read more:
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