Thai PM vows to work closely with the new US administration

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha said Thursday that he is ready to work closely with US President Joe Biden and the US government, to bolster the long relationship between the two countries, which dates back over 200 years, and to promote cooperation in all aspects and at all levels.
As Thailand is the US’s longest standing ally in Asia, the Thai prime minister said he hopes the US, under President Biden, will not turn its back on the country.
On the occasion of the inauguration of President Joe Biden, the prime minister sent a letter of congratulations and extended an invitation for the President and First Lady to visit Thailand, saying he is looking forward to welcoming them both.
In his letter to the 46th president, written on behalf of the Thai government and the Thai people, the prime minister expressed his sincere congratulations for President Biden’s election victory, with the highest number of votes in the history of US presidential elections, amidst so many challenges.
The prime minister said that the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic has taught all countries a lesson and that the world is facing historic changes, with the most important thing being “for all of us is to come together face to face and to cooperate with one another.” Back to: Phuket Hotel Deals – Property – Blog Home – Asia News. Read more:
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