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What Does Malaysia’s Troubled Transition Mean for Democracy in Southeast Asia?

This week, Malaysia’s troubled transition was on full display again with an unprecedented one-day parliamentary session that put off a no-confidence vote and left the country’s politics in flux.

While these developments are notable for their own sake, it is also worth reflecting on a broader question that has lingered in recent months amid all this: what Malaysia’s troubled transition says and does not say about the state of democracy in

All eyes on China’s post-lockdown Twin Sessions

Starting from 21 May, legislators will gather in Beijing’s Hall of the People to discuss pressing issues facing the country, including the revamp the Wildlife Protection Law, after scientists have linked the novel coronavirus to human contact with wild animals. Image:

Even though parts of the country are still battling a minor rebound of Covid-19 cases, the general message is clear: China has emerged from the abysmal months of lockdown and is ready to resume business. This was made clear to the entire nation on 29 April with the announcement of new dates for the “Twin Sessions” meeting, the country’s most significant annual political and legislative affair, involving the National People’s Congres

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